About Spring EV


Provide car-share services for the Greater Boston area

Promote a lower carbon future

If you haven't noticed, we are living through the beginning of a global climate crisis. According to the US Department of Energy, EVs in Massachusetts create 5x less tailpipe emissions annually, compared to gas vehicles. Spring EV is committed to reducing our operational impact on the environment. 

Promote small businesses and  the local economy

Spring EV is a locally owned small buisness based in Somerville, MA. All vehicle maintenance and cleaning is preformed in partnership with local business, and we strive to partner with other small buisnesses when possible.


Spring EV launched in October 2022 and proves car share services to the Greater Boston region. Spring EV originally launched in the Spring Hill neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Contact Information

Looking to get in touch? 

Logan Casey, Owner

Email: logan@springev.co

Phone: +1-(207)-671-5542